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Licence Holder Opportunities

If you are a qualified builder or have a Sales and Marketing flair within the building industry you may wish to establish a Highmark Homes licence in your area.

Becoming a Highmark Homes licence holder owner requires a certain mix of selling skills and managing your own business. In general there are two types of business people Highmark are interested in hearing from:

  1. A qualified builder who has a flair in selling new homes and the desire to grow a larger business through the establishment of a Showhome and a Sales and Marketing division of our kits, alongside the construction programme.

  2. An entrepreneurial business person with Sales and Marketing skills, who has an association with a qualified builder and all the relevant technical knowledge of the building industry.
After 45 years in the Building Industry and producing over 7000 homes throughout the Central North Island, we are taking our company's well proven systems in home design and construction and establishing a New Zealand wide network of professionally well trained licencees to sell Highmark Homes. After all once a builder lays down his tools he has nothing to sell. With our help and being part of a Highmark licence network, you will have a saleable business.

If you are interested in becoming a Highmark Homes licence holder and wish to establish your own business, in your own area, then please submit your application via our licence enquiry form.