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Kitset Homes (Material Supply Only)

Highmark Homes supply kitset homes through Factory Direct Kitsethomes, our kitset division. All plans viewed on either the Highmark Homes or Factory Direct Kitsethomes websites are available in kitset form.

To define the kitset system, Highmark Homes will supply the material component of your home and freight this product to your site, excluding the floor. We can; as an additional extra supply the timber floor materials. Generally the floor is completed by the owner’s builder.

ProductionYour kitset home is then delivered in two stages; with the first delivery including pre-manufactured frames and trusses, exterior cladding, roofing, spouting and aluminium joinery. This delivery enables your builder to complete your home to a lock up stage. The second delivery includes all the interior linings, insulation, doors, kitchen, shower, bath, toilets, appliances, and all other internal materials to finish the interior. This second delivery can then be stored, if required, in the lockable shell.

DeliveryAs the owner of the kitset package you employ a builder and oversee the complete construction of your home, i.e. obtain quotes and employ the labour (the builder), and/or sub-trades (plumber/drain layer, electrician etc.) to complete the construction of your home.

If you or any family members or friends have the necessary skills; the more personal effort you can have into the erecting and finishing of your home the greater your savings can be.